K-12 Resources

The Black Mountain College Semester (BMCS) engaged with North Carolina's K-12 educators through collaborations among Appalachian State University's College of Arts and Sciences, Reich College of Education, Center for Appalachian Studies, and Turchin Center for the Visual Arts (TCVA). 

First, educators earned Continuing Education Units through an Educator Workshop and Lecture Series  held on the campus of Appalachian State University between March and April 2018.  Educators participated in hands-on activities, attended lectures, and received a private tour of the TCVA. Second, six K-12 educators participated in a lesson plan development workshop   on the campus of Appalachian in July 2018. The workshop goal was to develop online lesson plans for North Carolina students based on BMCS resources, including the project's digital timeline and a special  issue of Appalachian Journal on Black Mountain College.  You can explore links to seven lesson plans below, six of which were created during the lesson plan workshop.   

Lesson plan 1: Children's Authors at BMC

Lesson plan 2: Found Art

Lesson plan 3: Book Journaling

Lesson plan 4: BMC Bio-Poems

Lesson plan 5: Mail Art

Lesson plan 6: Trash to Treasure

Lesson plan 7: BMCS Fellows: After Asawa